Fireflies and Savage Species

I love fireflies. I always call them lightning bugs, but fireflies sounds more like Bradbury, which means it’s lovelier. We’re starting to see a few fireflies in our yard and will be spotting more as July continues. It’s one of my favorite parts of July. That and Lil Kim‘s birthday. Oh, come on. Don’t tell […]

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DARK ZONE is here!

Hey, Friends. Shortish post today because…well, because I’m itching to write. Is that okay? I mean, it’s sort of a good thing, isn’t it? Okay. Today marks the release of the third installment of my new serial novel SAVAGE SPECIES. This part is called DARK ZONE, partially because it takes place completely underground, but also […]

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Savage Species “Ketchum-esque”

Yo, friends. Today in the shameless self-promotion department, I’m posting a brief quote by my fellow author Glenn Rolfe regarding my new serial novel Savage Species. Prior to beginning the second section (The Children), Glenn said, “Looking forward to see where this Ketchum-esque tale goes next.” In his Goodreads review of the first installment (the […]

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“Reading SAVAGE SPECIES by Jonathan Janz is like discovering a lost Richard Laymon novel”

The title of this post is taken from a tweet by Mr. Mark Justice, the mastermind behind the amazing Pod of Horror podcasts. Here’s the full tweet: Reading SAVAGE SPECIES by @JonathanJanz is like discovering a lost Richard Laymon novel. And that's a good thing. — Mark Justice (@MarkJustice) June 14, 2013 What a lovely […]

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