HALLOWEEN SPECIAL: My Vampire/Superhero Novel for Only $1.99!

Hey, friends. Sparse blogging month, but I suspect you all know why (family, writing, teaching, three dozen other things). So I’ll get right to it: my vampire/superhero/action/horror/everything-and-the-kitchen-sink novel BLOODSHOT: KINGDOM OF SHADOWS is only $1.99 right now at Amazon. If you love superheroes, great. But if that turns you off, forget the superhero part and […]

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Bloodshot: A Violent Love Letter

When I first heard about Kindle Worlds, I have to admit that I didn’t see myself participating in the program. Sure, it sounded interesting, but the control freak in me recoiled at the idea of using someone else’s creation to fashion my own narrative. Until I started thinking about Bloodshot. He’s an anti-hero, a loner, […]

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Halloween Special! SAVAGE SPECIES: NIGHT TERRORS Audiobook for only 99 cents!

Howdy, friends. Got a novel due tomorrow night (Castle of Sorrows), so this needs to be short. The wonderful audiobook company Audio Realms (publisher of, among other authors, Jack Ketchum, Richard Laymon, Brian Keene, Edward Lee, Tim Lebbon, and H.P. Lovecraft) is running an amazing 99 cent sale on SAVAGE SPECIES: NIGHT TERRORS. Trust me, […]

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I Am Now a Superhero Author Too

I never thought I would say this, but folks… I’ve written a superhero novel. Don’t ask me how all of it came about because it’s really pretty insane, but the end result is that I sacrificed a good deal of sleep this summer to pen my first-ever non-horror novel. Its name? BLOODSHOT: KINGDOM OF SHADOWS […]

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