So much to say. So little time to say it. We’re back on the grid after being in the wilds of the awesome Virginia Rappahannock River for several days, and that was after Scares That Care, an experience so amazing that it’ll take several blog posts to tell you about, but I can’t do that right […]

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Okay, deep breath… Jack Ketchum Just…take it easy… Brian Keene …and try not to— Bryan Smith —hyperventilate…and… TomMonteleoneChrisSarandonTonyToddOhMyGoshOhMyGoshOHMYGOSHHHWOULD YOU BE COOL FOR ONCE?!?!?!?!?! *shuddering exhalation* Sorry about that. It’s only been happening once or twice an hour, which is an 86% reduction from yesterday’s debilitating wave of fanboy attacks. By the time the convention rolls […]

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The Toddler Roar

I posted a few days ago about my six-year-old’s tendency to sing opera whenever things get stressful. I figured today I’d post about my three-year-old’s habit of roaring, barking, or growling at me whenever she doesn’t get her way. My wife calls her the Little Sergeant. I’ll call her the Peach, which was what I […]

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A New Novel

Whew! I just got done doing the final, final polishes on my January 2015 novel THE NIGHTMARE GIRL and sending it off to Don D’Auria at Samhain Horror and my agent Louise Fury. It’s a book I’m really proud of and quite different than anything I’ve done before. I’m a huge fan of Joe R. […]

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Halloween Special! SAVAGE SPECIES: NIGHT TERRORS Audiobook for only 99 cents!

Howdy, friends. Got a novel due tomorrow night (Castle of Sorrows), so this needs to be short. The wonderful audiobook company Audio Realms (publisher of, among other authors, Jack Ketchum, Richard Laymon, Brian Keene, Edward Lee, Tim Lebbon, and H.P. Lovecraft) is running an amazing 99 cent sale on SAVAGE SPECIES: NIGHT TERRORS. Trust me, […]

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