Bach’s “Sheep May Safely Graze” or The Song That Reduces Me to a Trembling, Weeping Mess

Confession time. Oversharing time. Look away in embarrassment time. But that’s why I’m here, right? To make everybody uncomfortable? I have a powerful physiological reaction to certain songs. I’ve always been extremely sensitive and incredibly susceptible to…well, everything. Certain weather makes me shiver with delight. The mere mention of a movie can transport me back […]

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The Toddler Roar

I posted a few days ago about my six-year-old’s tendency to sing opera whenever things get stressful. I figured today I’d post about my three-year-old’s habit of roaring, barking, or growling at me whenever she doesn’t get her way. My wife calls her the Little Sergeant. I’ll call her the Peach, which was what I […]

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Stress Opera

My middle child, my first daughter, she’s one of the funniest people I’ve ever met. We’ll call her Sparkle, for her sparkly blue eyes. I can’t begin to describe her in a short blog post, but I’ll share these quick details: She’s six. She’s never in a hurry. She is addicted to pickle juice and […]

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For My Wife on Mother’s Day 2014

Life in the trenches. That’s what it feels like sometimes with small children. Being a parent is the most amazing experience of my life, but to do it well takes more energy, patience, and time than I ever would’ve imagined. This isn’t a complaint—it’s simply a preamble about my fellow foot soldier, my wife of ten years (this […]

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The Weekly Janz Dance Party

We’re dancers, my family. Oh, I don’t have any skill at it. In fact, were one to drive by our big picture windows during one of our dance sessions, one would think I was being attacked by a swarm of Japanese hornets. Or suffering from demonic possession. We jump, shake, twist, and perform our own […]

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A Simple 9/11 Thought

If you’re looking for profundity, stop reading now. This post isn’t going to be earth-shattering or life-changing. It’s just a simple thought I had a few minutes ago. I was in the backyard playing with my wife and kids. It’s a hot day, but it was still nice to throw the Aerobie, watch my youngest […]

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A Post-Mother’s Day Thought

Last Wednesday I took my daughters (five and two) to a buffet-style restaurant. A fiftyish woman saw me carrying my two-year-old and holding my five-year-old daughter’s hand and asked, “Mommy’s night off?” I told her my wife was having a date with my son and that the two were just enjoying some time together. The […]

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