A Simple 9/11 Thought

If you’re looking for profundity, stop reading now. This post isn’t going to be earth-shattering or life-changing. It’s just a simple thought I had a few minutes ago. I was in the backyard playing with my wife and kids. It’s a hot day, but it was still nice to throw the Aerobie, watch my youngest […]

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A Post-Mother’s Day Thought

Last Wednesday I took my daughters (five and two) to a buffet-style restaurant. A fiftyish woman saw me carrying my two-year-old and holding my five-year-old daughter’s hand and asked, “Mommy’s night off?” I told her my wife was having a date with my son and that the two were just enjoying some time together. The […]

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One Hundred Kisses

My wife’s always telling me I should post more about myself on here. She claims not everyone is as fixated on Stephen King and Richard Matheson as I am. Could it be? So before I go to bed to read the final pages of THE EXORCIST, I’ll share something I do every day. Well, almost […]

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