I Survived the Monster Men!

I’ve met a great many people since I started this writing gig, and Hunter Shea and Jack Campisi are two of the coolest ones. Hunter is an outstanding author you should already be reading, and Jack is a writer you’ll be reading in a few years. They host the show MONSTER MEN and were kind enough to […]

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Scares That Care Weekend

Howdy, friends and countrymen and women and out-of-countrymen, and why did women have to come third? Have I just exhibited blind adherence to an outmoded syntactical tradition or unintentionally perpetuated a symptom of patriarchal oppression? I don’t know. What I do know is I think women are awesome, and if my manner of address came […]

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A Post to Make You Blush

Hey, friends. Y’all ever experience secondhand embarrassment? As in, you’re so embarrassed for another person that you can scarcely breathe or stand to be in your own skin? Yep, me too. So prepare to feel that way about me. Or rather, my twenty-one-year-old self. You see, I had a friend in college…really more of an […]

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