Hellnotes Raves EXORCIST FALLS!

The outstanding book reviewer Shane Douglas Keene, writing for Hellnotes, just finished my new novel EXORCIST FALLS and had this to say about it: “His best book to date.” “Absolutely punishing in its intensity.” “His characters are all delightfully alive and exquisitely broken.” “Every new thing he brings us is a sublime example of the […]

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My new novel THE NIGHTMARE GIRL is available everywhere, friends, and I hope you check it out. Here’s the cover: And here’s the synopsis: Playing with fire has never been more dangerous. When family man Joe Crawford confronts a young mother abusing her toddler, he has no idea of the chain reaction he’s setting in motion. […]

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So I wrote this novella called EXORCIST ROAD. It’s only been out for about three months now, but man is it on fire. Some Goodreads numbers for you Seventeen five-star reviews. Nine four-star reviews. No three-star reviews. A single two-star review. No one-star reviews. And I’m pretty sure the two-star rating happened when the user’s […]

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The First EXORCIST ROAD Review: “You’ll be flying through the words and pages”

Hey, friends! My novella EXORCIST ROAD came out yesterday, and the first review is already here. Joe Hempel of Top of the Heap Reviews had this to say in his five-out-of-five star rave: “Jonathan Janz works his magic once again by creating characters and situations you can relate to even within the realm of exorcism.” […]

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