Cormac McCarthy’s THE ROAD

This is one of my favorite books. It has its detractors, and of course, your mileage might vary, but here are a few quick observations about Cormac McCarthy‘s brilliant The Road. 1. This book made me cry. You’ve heard of the iceberg technique of storytelling? The one Hemingway championed? This book is the textbook example […]

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Brian Keene’s DEAD SEA

*This review will make more sense to you if you’ve read Brian Keene‘s The Rising. If you haven’t, you need to and can pick up the author’s preferred edition right here. But even if you haven’t read either of these Keene novels, I think you’ll find something of interest below without encountering any major spoilers. […]

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THE OLD ONE Attacks Today!

Isn’t that a sinister visage? I have no idea how the fabulous artist Angela Waters created this image, but it’s easily one of the coolest of the six SAVAGE SPECIES covers. Many of you have been reading the installments as they’ve been released and will be finishing the SAVAGE SPECIES serial novel shortly. Others have […]

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