WOLF LAND Cover Reveal!

Oh, Angela Waters, how happy you make me. You listen to my ideas for cover art and then make them fifty-seven times better than they were in my head. I’d call it collaboration, but that’s self-aggrandizing. It’s more like cover art clairvoyance. Angela sees and improves. She understands and—aw, enough of that. Here’s the new […]

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Bloodshot: A Violent Love Letter

When I first heard about Kindle Worlds, I have to admit that I didn’t see myself participating in the program. Sure, it sounded interesting, but the control freak in me recoiled at the idea of using someone else’s creation to fashion my own narrative. Until I started thinking about Bloodshot. He’s an anti-hero, a loner, […]

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“It all builds up for an astonishing ending”: Fresh Fiction Reviews THE DARKEST LULLABY!

Hey, friends. I’m poring over the final edits of CASTLE OF SORROWS (coming in July!), editing THE NIGHTMARE GIRL (my January 2015 Joe R. Lansdale-inspired suspense-thriller), and taking a brief respite to post this great new review for THE DARKEST LULLABY, which was my third Samhain Horror novel (for those of you keeping score). Check […]

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I Am Now a Superhero Author Too

I never thought I would say this, but folks… I’ve written a superhero novel. Don’t ask me how all of it came about because it’s really pretty insane, but the end result is that I sacrificed a good deal of sleep this summer to pen my first-ever non-horror novel. Its name? BLOODSHOT: KINGDOM OF SHADOWS […]

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